Heatsink for this MB

Wich one heatsink fits in this MB for 2 Intel XEON E5504 Processors and get good performance for all CPUs.
And someone help me for Bios config, thanks guys!

Barely i`m gonna buy this combo but i make sure all works good.
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  1. Huh? What MB? What combo?
  2. i`m sorry my friend, this mother Board from newegg combo saving


    Thank you, best regards!
  3. I think you must have a budget? I would recommend this cooler as the best:

    But that would require a big case.

    Two of these would be quiet, half the price, take up less room, and cool well:
  4. Thank You so much my friend for you suggestion, i don´t sure if this motherboard is ok for a Workstantion for 3D Render, i don´t want for server.

    Or another Motherboard that you suggest me and the Power Suply too, for 2 Processors Intel Xeon E5504 Nehalem 2.0GHz LGA 1366 80W Quad-Core Server Processor and what´s the different for this one Intel Xeon W3520 Bloomfield 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W

    And what kind of RAM is better.

    For run OK in windows XP 64 Bits

    I appreciate you attention y your patience.

    Best Regards!!
  5. This would probably be the more appropriate motherboard:

    I think those Bloomfields would generate a lot of heat and not really be much faster.

    This Kingston RAM would be nice:

    You will need a fairly good power supply. I can't say more without some idea about the case you will use and the rest of the parts. The PSU should be the final purchase.
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