Which is better???

which is better ATI HD4550 or Gforce 9400 GT in gaming..
ati 4550 has:512mb(ddr3)
core speed:600 mhz
memory interface:64-bit
while Geforce :
512mb (ddr2)
core speed: 550 mhz
memory interface 128-bit
please help me
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  1. hd 4550 is far better choice than 9400gt. But the gaming performance of either is not satisfactory.
  2. At this case, go for HD4550. But these GPU's are for starters or only for watching videos. For playing games, you should think of (nVidia) 9500GT,9600GT and higher..
    For ATi HD3850, HD3870, HD4830 and higher..
  3. but the bus speed of 4550 is 64-bit and for 9400gt is 128bit!!!!
  4. Spend the extra $20 and get an HD4670 at least... it's 128-bit bus and fast(-ish) GDDR3 make it leaps and bounds better than either the HD4550 or the 9400GT
  5. thanks for reply ...
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