Windows Xp Can't find access points except its own

ok well, heres the problem. My brother came to me with his Dell Latitude 2100 Running Windows Xp SP3. Now I am trying to connect it to the wi-fi I have here. But It doesnt seem to find any acess points except its own ad-hoc networks. And when i try to view his ad-hoc form my laptop i cant see it. I do not know what the problem is.
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  1. It gets confusing don't it??

    Try this:

    Start>Control Panel>Network Connections,
    Right-Click your Wireless Connection,
    Select Properties,
    Click Wireless Networks tab,
    Click "Use Windows to configure my wireless connection"
    Click the Advanced button down near bottom right corner,
    Click "Any available network (access point preferred)"
    Click Close
    Click OK

    How's it work now?

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