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ASUS P6T deluxe v2 or EVGA E758-A1

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May 22, 2009 12:35:44 AM

I'm going to buying a new board very soon for the core i7, BUT...which one do I get!! :??: 
I'm leaning towards the ASUS board and the EVGA board. I read on opinions on the boards and people are saying EVGA is better for OC and customer support, while the ASUS board outperforms it.

I have some questions that I know only tomshardware can solve:

Which board is better for overclocking(best results)?

Which board is easier for overclocking(important for me because I'm a OCing newb)?

Which is better for 6GB of ram @1600mhz

What do you guys think? :sweat: 

My goal is to achieve in OCing is at least 3.6ghz on the 920(air cooled w/ Xigmatek 1283). Also, stability. Thats important for me. :D 

Spec for core i7 build:
Vista 64-bit
core i7 920
EVGA E758-A1 or ASUS deluxe v2
4870 x2 (already owned)
Corsair DOMINATOR 6GB ram 1600mhz
PSU: Antec 1000w(already owned)

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May 22, 2009 1:35:14 AM

i'm trying to find out the same think right now. im also thinking about the regular p6t. i read a few reviews and i heard the p6t gets the same oc as the p6t deluxe v2. but the deluxe has the better heatsink / raid chip and 16+2 phase power. i think the placement for the pci slots on the p6t and the evga board are better then the deluxe.

hard choice i think i just gotta choose something
June 4, 2009 4:56:20 AM

Well Asus is known as a great OC'ing board, but in this case the evga board has super easy-to-work-with overclocking software. That evga mobo has a lifetime warranty, don't know about the asus. I personally chose the evga board over asus because it seems they made a really solid board with no problems. I believe they say evga tech support is top-notch as well, while asus's techies may get snootie.

The evga has an annoying 80mm fan above the video card that apparently can get loud, while the asus has a pci slot there where you could install a pci fan...

Either board is probably an excellent option, and you should have little trouble getting to 3.6 ghz. I'm getting the dark knight version of that cooler! What thermal paste do you use? AS 5?

Am I too late to give input?

Nevermind for OC'ing pick the asus I think. The evga may give a hassle, and the asus has a nice display that may be easier to work with.