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I'd like to completely transform an old F700 Compaq pressario and fit it with a new motherboard to work will with a processor like the AMD phenom X6, and Ram will be needed as well. Is this a worthy project to pursue?
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  1. Isn't it a laptop? In which case no chance the board will have to be designed to go into the case and will not be changeable except for another identical one.
  2. I believe that's a laptop, in which case I wouldn't bother. First you have to realize that there are no mobile X6 CPUs, and AMD will only release mobile quad cores latter this year. It's possible to fit the right laptop motherboard in there if you modify the plastic casing to accept it, not to mention you'd have to do alot of custom wiring. Basically if you're asking, you probably shouldn't try it :D.
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