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Keeping in mind I'm using an Intel X25-M SSD 160 GB for OS ( Win 7), whats the best hard drive or drives (raid0) for my gaming habit. Performance over price is my ussual approach but I'd like to here both sides on this one.
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  1. You already use a SSD and need hard drive performance figures..!! Anyway, obviously SSD's are the best performing hard drives currently be it for any purpose.. You may combine 4 OCZ Vertex 2 SSD's in RAID 0 (using a hardware raid card).. Add another PCI-e based SSD for OS and your data will be flowing more quickly than thoughts in your brain..
  2. That would be amazing but for 2 to 4 thousand dollars I think the performance mark could come down to just above price for my circumstance LOLOL...thats why I'm looking at hard drives. My last system had 2 raptors 300 gb in raid 0.
  3. 2 Raptors in RAID 0 is a good data cruncher.. You'll be hard pressed to look for alternatives in current mainstream hard drives which would surpass that performance with just two drives.. Moreover, with increasing amount of hard drives, peformance may increase, but reliability becomes a question.. May be a RAID 0 NAS setup with 8 5400 RPM will provide the required performance at the max reliability and minimum cost..
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