15,000 3dMark06 with single 4770 with 875/1050 settings flawless

Added some heat syncs to the graphics memory and ran 3dmark06 with gpu at 875 and memory at 1050 (4200).....it ran flawless NO artifacts or problems I was amazed. Before with factory cooler to just hit 14,300 I thought I was going to fry the card with all the artifacts on the screen during the test. This was acting like it wasnt even testing it. I think Im going to have to raise my before goal of 15,000 to at least 16,000 now lol. Not bad for a 3 generation old card not in crossfire and total of 512mb video memory lol
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  1. its also playing battlefield bad company 2 on high settings 1680x1050 perfectly. I have yet to see a skip or slip in the graphics in over 100 hrs played. MW2 I was hitting over 100fps at 1680x1050 tried to get it on video with fraps but the video would drop me down to 50-75fps and made it skip boooo lol
  2. I think you can get a higher score and better performance if you overclock your CPU to around 3.4 or 3.5ghz
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