Monitoring software

I was wondering what monitoring software you guys would recommend (monitor cpu/gpu temps, ect...)

Also which stress tests would be enough to test my system (prime95, 3dmark06 ???)

Windows 7 64bit
phenom II 955 BE
radeon hd 5850
corsair 750w psu
g.skill 1600 ddr3 cas7 (could only get cas8 timings)
GA-870a-UD3 motherboard
seagate 7200.12 1tb HDD
Coolmaster 690 II advanced
ASUS 24x dvd

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Monitor software:

    1- Core Temp
    2- HWMonitor
    3- SpeedFan
    4- CPU-Z
    5- GPU-Z
    6- Everest

    Test software:

    1- prime95
    2- SuperPI
    3- OCC
    4- 3D Mark 06
    5- PC Mark vantage
    6- Sisoft Sandra
    7- Memtest86+
    8- PassMark
    9- HD Tune

    All those u can find it on Google
  2. Looks like you're going to get into some OCing. Some highly recommended apps to get are:
    HWMonitor (temps, volts, watts, fans etc)
    CoreTemp (temps, clock speed)
    CPUZ (clock speed, mem speed, lots of info)
    GPUZ (clock speeds, graphs, lots of info)
    MSI Afterburner (used for OCing GPUs, also set custom fan profiles, also has great monitoring)
    Prime95 (blend tests quickly check stability of RAM OC, long Small FFT tests check CPU stability)
    Intel Burn Test/LinX/OCCT (run linpack tests which stress harder than Prime95, allows for a little bit shorter test runs for stability)
    FurMark (GPU stability/benchmarking)
    Memtest86+ (great for checking RAM)

    Those are the main ones, really. Free too. Everest is great for checking out all your system info including detailed specs on your RAM (timings, full XMP profile timings etc) but you have to pay for it. It also does some benchmarking. 3D Mark is pretty popular but also have to pay for it.
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