MSI Afterburner Fan Profiles not kicking in, gtx 470

Hey, I have an EVGA gtx 470. I haven't done any tweaking on it yet and was running it through EVGA's OC scanner to see the temps. I saw they were going pretty high so I downloaded MSI Afterburner 1.60 (rivatuner doesn't support 470 yet i believe).

I set the regular fan setting to 50%, that was acceptable for normal browsing and school work and such but also set up a custom fan profile with step increases of fan speed. I had markers at around 63c and 70c and 88c to increase fan speed. (Previously, in gaming metro 2033, I had temps peaking at about 86c ish. They were high but I wasn't too worried but lower is nicer)

I ran it through OC Scanner again and watched the fan speed but it never jumped at all. Even when it hit high 70's c, the fan speed never went above 50%. I rebooted several times and the custom fan profile still doesn't work. The fan speed never jumps when temperatures rise past the markers I set. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

Oh, and I've never oc'ed a gfx card before, possibly thinking of bumping the stock core speed up from 607mhz to....maybe 670mhz? Not touching voltages and I was hoping the stepwise fan speed increases would keep temps down.
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  1. Do you know when or if they'll patch it in a future release of afterburner? With rivatuner not working on 470's and no stepwise fan increases, I dunno what to use at the moment *shrug*

    Thanks man. I'm a bit antsy about going over 700 on stock voltages. Even up to 750 is still ok? Haha I have no idea why anyone would buy a factory overclocked 470, they jack up the price $30 for an 18mhz core clock boost

    BTW, what are your temps under load? OC stress testing was pushing mine up to 96c, fan at 50%
  2. As far as I can tell Afterburner doesn't support Nv fan profiling. It works great on my 5850s but doesn't change my GT 240 fan profile at all.

    I'm a bit frustrated with GPU fan profiles right now because ideally I wouldn't have to run any 3rd party apps. I even BIOS edited my 5850s but the fan profiles set that way work right up till Windows loads... then they go to default and only can be set custom through Afterburner.
    I have yet to figure out how to set a custom fan profile on the GT 240 but in my case it's not a big deal as it gets only a little usage as a PhysX card.
  3. @Psycho, thanks. At 70% fan speed it would still hit 92 or 93 but at 75% I can keep it below 90c. When you were on air with a 63c max temp was that w/ the stock fan?
    Are there any good aftermarket coolers for the 470? The stock fan's noise at 75% is pretty annoying and it still hits 95ish on furmark

    Hey, pleasant seeing you here, Wolfram! Yeah, this is rather frustrating because as I was stress testing, sure my overclock was fine, it wasn't very ambitious and 670mhz worked fine. But I was manually adjusting fan speeds so it wouldn't go too high lol

    That is nice that your 240 is only for physx though and the workhorses are the 5870's. Meh, I dunno I might just set it to 70% permanently, it's loud but until I find a good fan profiler it'll do. I'll let you guys know if a good nvidia fan profiler does come about
  4. Quote:
    I have a very good airflow case which is why my temps are lower then yours. It utilize's 9 case fans :lol:

    :cry: 4 fans on an antec 300. Yeah I guess I'll just have to wait for an aftermarket air cooler. Too scared of a water block trashing everything. Possibly the AC Accelero whenever it gets revised for the 400 series, if they ever do revise it...
  5. Mmm, almost forgot. how important are good case fans? As with everything, I've been looking around and seen some people revere silent cooling in their case fans. I salvaged mine from a previous velocity micro case I had, a 120mm and a 92mm

    So i was just wondering if it was worth it to spend a bit more money to get two replacement 120mm fans for intake: one front and one side

    The side 120mm one would be right over the 470, but I already have the 92mm fan tacked on there. If not, I might just save up some extra for the aftermarket cooler
  6. If you only have a few fans, then you might have to sacrifice quietness for louder, high flow (cfm) fans... if you have a bunch of well placed fans you can generally get away with quiet, running them at lowest settings all the time. I have 2 120mm fronts, 1 120mm rear, and 1 140mm top always running at low for quietness and temps are always ambient at most +1C. I'd say it's really not going to make a big difference to upgrade your case fans, compared to an aftermarket cooler which will make a very large difference.
  7. Also, I just read in another thread that RivaTuner allows for fan profiles on Nvidia cards. But I've only tried using it once and it the program didn't work for me at all so I don't know.
  8. Yeah, at the moment, I'm sacrificing quiet time in my room every time I game cause I have a profile set up to kick the fan speed up from 50% to 70%. My old teacher loves quiet computing and I swear he was right, you could not tell the difference between his computer being on and off.

    Yeah that's a lot like my setup. I've got the Antec 300, 120mm in front, 92mm on the side, 140mm on the top, and 120mm in the back. 2 intake, 2 exhaust. So, waiting for an aftermarket cooler it is. Thanks man. I like my computer but money's always tight, right?

    I've seen how rivatuner does those fan profile but it doesn't have gtx 400 support, the last release was back in november or something. Plus, I tried doing that on my old 8800gt. It was a mess, I gave up and just set the fan to 55% and left it alone lol.
  9. Quick update: I found out over in the guru3d and EVGA forums that you had to both enable "User Define" as well as "Auto" fan control.

    So in the main window, lower left corner, there needs to be a green box from clicking user define and a green dot from clicking auto. Then the fan profiles auto control fan speed. Stupid oversight. I dunno if this helps you Psycho
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