Intel E2180 + 9600GT = bottleneck or not

Will Intel dual Core E2180 and E5200 be the bottleneck CPUs for Geforce 9600GT??
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  1. of course
  2. Not really, esp if you overclock said CPUs.
  3. doubtful
  4. Guys can u give me some justification and detailed answers plz. thankx.
  5. you can oc the 2180 to 3.0-3.3ish, so at that speed, it won't be much of a bottleneck, if any.

    the 5200 can get close to 4.0ghz, so definitely no bottleneck there. this all depends, however, on you having adequate hardware for an overclock

    at stock speeds, the 2180 will definitely slow you down, while the 5200 might be ok
  6. no bottleneck
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