Trying to move raid 5 array to new drives and problems

my data was on a raid 5 array originally but I upgraded OS too windows 7 and 2 new 1tb drives for storage. I initialized the new drives via USB adaptor then at that point moved all data too 1tb drive. I planned on migrating too both 1tb drives (mirrored) once I got the data moved.

So yesterday I tried to mess with one of the files on there and discovered all the files are bad. Not sure if my 3ware card did something funny to the data but iso files are all corrupted. My mp3 collection isn't working either. Not sure what the deal is I see the files and they look normal yet there is something wrong.

The original 1tb I move my array too will not show up in windows atm without windows wanted to format it. But worked fine when used with usb adaptor but now it wont even show up now doesn't know its there.

Im in over my head here and I had this data going for over 5 years and I would hate to lose it. I have a feeling its related too fat vs ntfs vs fat32? Just not sure what im looking at.

hardware and software I'm working with
3ware 9500s
power data recovery 4.1.1
easeus partition master professional edition 5.1.5

original setup 4 drive raid 5 array.. all these drives have been formatted now so there is no original data now.

Any help is appreciated I can post screen shots if need be.

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  1. I think your problem might lie in the fact that you initialized the 1 TB drives via USB and then tried to connect them to your computer using your 3ware card.

    The best solution is to reconnect the 1 TB drives (if you haven't reformatted them) via USB and verify the integrity of the data. If the data seems fine, leave it alone. Get another 1 TB drive to use for your array.

    Once you have your two drive, connect them to your computer via the 3ware card and set up your mirrored array and partition it according to your needs. Connect the USB drive to your computer and copy the information over to the new array. Once that is done, verify that the data is intact.

    Best possible solution I can think of at this point. Just make sure you don't switch the interface of a drive away from the one it was initialized on and you can avoid these problems in the future.
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