What type of fan connection is this...? 4pin..O_o...

I recently purchased a fan to mount on my heatsink with zipties, and when I purchased the fan, it said in the description (4 pin standard case cooling) so i assumed a molex or something...to my suprise its something i've never seen before.

It's even different from the old nvidia fan's 4-pin. Any ideas how I could get this connected and running? Anything to buy, an adapter or splitter so I can use this? I've tried searching for one but I don't know what the hell to look for O_o.... I'm pretty sure my mobo and PSU doesn't have a connector that will work with this.


Is a link to the picture. Thanks! The one I just purchased is the big weird connector (the right one). The fan to the left is my old GPU's (8800GT)'s stock fans connector.
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  1. just plug it into a fan slot on your mobo. i believe the reason that its a four pin instead of a three is because you can connect that onto your cpu heatsink and connect that into the cpu fan slot on your mobo.


    theres a pic of a random mobo from newegg if you zoom in on the pic you'll see that there are a quite a few case, cpu, and psu fan connections that are all 4pin. the old fan connections are all 3 pin...i really dunno why but i think that the extra pin allows you to control your fan speeds better?
  2. I think that's called a pwm fan... basically what i4yue said. Should be able to plug into your motherboard. There should also be molex to 4 pin adapters.
  3. if you only have 3pin connectors on your mobo just throw it in anyways it'll still work
  4. But you might get mobo warnings about fan speeds too low. You may be able to turn it off in BIOS.

    I recently purchased a fan to mount on my heatsink with zipties...

    Zipties? REALLY?! Sounds cheeky to me! What fan, and what motherboard? Get something meant for your machine.
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