Why is my Intel 160GB X25-M SSD a lot slower than the 80GB one?

I used HDTach to benchmark two SSD drives. One is Intel X25-M G2 160GB and the other is Intel X25-M G2 80GB.

The 80GB has 0.1 ms seek time and 205MB/sec average read while the 160GB has 0.4ms seek time and 68MB/sec average read.

Why is there a big difference between the two drives when only capacity is the difference? Both are running on Windows 7 64bit systems.

Is there anything to do to get better performance from the drives?
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  1. The specs for the 160 are all wrong, run a different benchmark to make sure it's not HDTach that's acting up.

    The 160 should have a read of 270 with 0.1 seek.
  2. I have tweak it and it runs better now.
  3. Something is wrong with your Intel X25-M 80GB...reads should be over 250mbps if isn't bottle necked by connection.
  4. It can be 240 or 230.
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