Problems with a red light on a GTX295


I am new to this forum and im seeking help about my graphics card.

I have a GTX295 which i have been using for the last week with complete success. Suddenly last night when playing "MX Simulator" (which is an open GL 2.1 game) the game freezed and i had no choice but to restart the computer. When I rebooted and went to open the game again the computer shutdown and a red-light appeared on my GTX295 (the light has always been green).

Now when i start as soon as it gets to the vista start up it immediately stops and the red light comes back.

I can start in Safe mode and use as much as i need until i try to open an application in which case it will immediately shut down and the red light comes back.

I have tried to reinstall the latest graphics drivers (using safe mode) and it did that fine... however I then tried to open my antivirus application (trend micro internet security) and it stopped once again.

If anyone could give me any advice or help it would be greatly appreciated
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  1. It could be that enough power isnt going to your video card. Can you list your system spec.
  2. Mother board - Intel DP45SG
    CPU - Intel Quad Core - Q9650
    Graphics - Galaxy GTX 295
    Hard drive - Western Digital 150GB 10000 RPM raptor
    Sound Card - Creative X-Fi xtreme fidelity
    Ram - 4GB kingston ram (2 x 2gb in dual channel)
    Case - Antec 900 (4 fans - 3 on low, back on medium) Although doesn't feel hot
    Power Supply - Thermal Take 750 Watt
    Dvd drive - Pioneer SAA dual layer
    Windows Vista 32 bit (yeah i know its not using all the ram :??: )

    I've then got a 30 inch apple cinema display that it is connected to...

    Ive also got a USB dongle for wireless, Playstation 3 controller, wireless keyboard and mouse

    ill be happy to provide more info if needed
  3. Does the red light flash or stay solid? My guess would be something is wrong with your psu not delivering enough power or your video card is defected. Try to use a different power supply or try to use a spare video card to see if your system boots up correctly and run normally.

    BTW welcome to the forums! =]
  4. cant see it being the PSU, he was playing with it for two weeks, it wouldn't work the card one day and not the next
  5. Well after checking some forums out most people seem to have power issues or temp issues with there card. Make sure all cables are pushed in correctly. There are i believe 3 lights from left to right these could be the issue.

    D15=> Critical temperature fault

    D14=> 6 pin power unplug

    D13=> 8 pin power unplug
  6. ive only ever seen that happen on a gtx 285. green light turns red after system crashed.if u cant boot to vista i would say your card is probably the problem. what are ur voltages in the bios saying? do you have another card you can test which pull of at least two 6 pin connectors. i fixed a friends who started doing that also and it ended up being the powersupply. but his only crashed during intensive use of the gpu.

    I also own a gtx 295. never seen either of the lights turn red even when i had the system crash form improper memory timings.
  7. thank you for all of your answers... i appreciate it.

    With the three lights how do i check which one is lit up? Sorry Im a bit of a Noob at this (this is the first computer i have built) Which means i don't have any spare parts to try out.

    If it is a heat issue... would i just turn up all of the fans? Seems a bit odd as i just turned it on this morning and within the time of booting it turned off.

    If anyone has any idea how to check if it is the temperature that would be awesome.
  8. Again as i said before im a Noob... so all i can find in the bios is my CPU voltage. its running at 2.99Ghz and 1.2500 V

    Now oddly enough when i quit the bios and started normally it is all 100% fine so far.

    Im reisntalling the graphics drivers because it said it needed to restart but it didnt so ill do that. My MSN messenger has already come up so i really have no idea what is going on?
  9. gpu-z is a good program.
  10. well some how it has 100% fixed its self so far... Im really not sure y but it has. Thanks to all that helpsed. If anyone else has this problem try going into the Bios, doing nothing and then quit and it should work?
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