My desk top pc has low performance windows xp

Hi i have a desk top pc running on windows xp. it has a 2gig memory . the last few weeks it has been running slow.
then the webcam kept freezing and freezing all the pc when im on windows live msng . So i down loaded my pc guard and done a scan as i though it was a virus. No viruses found. So then it went slower so i deleted anti virus. it is still running mega slow and when i go into device manager to see if anythink is breaking down there is nothink displayed in the list??? ...Also when it does freeze i have to turn pc off from the power switch as i cannot access anythink...... can some one help me please as i dont know a lot on pc 's...
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  1. Looks like your computer has some uninvited company.

    To toss it out, click
  2. Run this in safe mode with networking!

    full scan!
  3. i don' know if my pc is 64 bit or 34 bit it will only run on 34 bit on xp....... i can't even get into safe mode in networking...sorry but not a real clue on pc's??
  4. THE LINK I PROVDED runs on both and works well on xp!
  5. ok thanks i will try it
  6. i recommend you to install a complete PC security system that includes (Antivirus, Anti Malware and AntiSpyware) and reg inout
  7. Thank you i have downloaded malware run it it safe mode it did do the trick but my security has now picked up a virus called my funweb that it cannot delete. the security im using is eset which has anti virus and anti spyware, things are running ok but for how long :(
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