Looking for a NAS & Media Player solution

I'm looking for a product reccommendation:

Firstly, I need a NAS unit that I can use as a file server so I can share/backup files across my home network. AUtomatic backup is not important (I prefer robocopy).ideo files that I would love to stream to my

I also have lots of video files which I would love to stream to the TV located in my server room. I have a HDMI / component cable running from that potential NAS location to the TV. Is there such thing as a NAS that can play files and have video out?

Any reccomendations to solve #1 or #2 or 1&2 is appreciated.

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  1. SOunds like you are looking for a Media Server, storage being a secondary issue.
    www.avsforum.com is a great place for info like this.
    there are some wireless routers that have built-in media servers
    You can use a PS3 for this as well. And there is a Xtreamer Pro box that is an all in one solution. I would like to hear about more all-in-one solutions if you come across any.
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