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So, I have, as it says, a C3 stepping AMD Phenom II 955 Revision RB-C3. Many people have said they easily overclocked it to 4.0, but I can get it to 4.0 but never stable when running Prime95. So I use the MSI 790FX GD-70, and the 955 is running at 3.7. So could anybody guide me through on how to get it to 4.0. Also, i'm aware that it can be undervolted. How does that work? Please help.

Edit: Also, the weirdest thing happened. When i validated my 4.0 unstable in CPUz it said it was valid. But when I validated my stable 3.7 it said it was unvailid. Why is that?
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  1. Hi.

    Take a look of this guide.

    Undervolted means that u can reduce the use of voltage of the CPU for safe power this process is knowledge as "underclock"
  2. Thank you saint, but still. Why did CPU-Z invalidate my 3.7 but not my 4.0? Also, as i just finished reading the article. So partially it would depend on my heatsink/cpu cooler correct?
  3. 1- What do u mean with "invalidate"?
    2- Yeah, u need a good cooler for the 4GHz but I think that with ur CM V8 is enough for get it.
  4. :P Meaning, it shows that it was "Rejected by CPU-Z 1.53" http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1248314 thats the page. And The V8 isn't lol, I used it at 100 with all the fans at 100 it still hits 90+ during prime95 on 3.7 XD
  5. That's very weird and i'm not sure why could it be.
  6. LOL I know right...
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