Which SSD?

Well, I was hoping to see a buyer's guide to SSDs based on controller, brand etc. I recommend one be written if anyone has the knowledge.

In the meantime though, I am looking for an SSD as a boot drive for under $150. Capacity above 30GB does not matter. Those who are knowledgable, please recommend models etc, and explain in detail the reasons for one drive over another. I would even like to see "disrecommendations" or people mentioning drives to avoid. Thanks in advance ;)
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  1. Have you seen the reviews on the Anandtech web site? They are the best source of information you're likely to find on how SSDs perform and why.

    Google "Anandtech SSD" and on the results page click the "More Results from Anandtech.com" link under the first group of results for a comprehensive list of their reviews.
  2. Thanks, mate. Awesome.
  3. I'd the get the intel X25-V 40GB
  4. blackhawk1928 said:
    I'd the get the intel X25-V 40GB

    Of course you would. I can see that by all the information and reasoning you gave me behind your choice, in order to back it up rather than just spout out a random SSD without any reasoning behind it. :sweat:
  5. ^Haha,
    Well reasoning is that intel's SSD's seem to be the champs across the boards when it comes to quality and access times. The X25-V is well priced and and has excellent reviews. Plus you already know it has a working trim feature and it has an intel Toolbox manager.
  6. ^ can it brush my teeth too?
  7. Was that supposed to be funny?
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