Windows xp reinstall / system restore from dos?

JAH bless. Give Thanx. Please Help. How do I re-install windows xp (sp2? might be sp3, i don't remember and can't check yet. Is there a way to find out?) on my dell dimension 4600 (oem? no windows xp cd, no internet connection, have product key and service tag stickers) WITHOUT LOSING DATA (music, pix, files, etc) already on the computer? I bought an iogear gbu321 bluetooth and inserted the mini cd that came with it in my computer, but during the installation a window came up saying something about the installer couldn't install it. I called iogear tech and they weren't too helpful, saying to uninstall AVG on my computer and/or download the driver from another (this) computer and transfer to install. When i went to uninstall AVG, it wouldn't uninstall, with the same windows installer error message popping up. The same thing happened when i went to install the downloaded driver for the bluetooth. Then (me and my BRIGHT ideas) I decided to download the latest version of Windows Installer and transfer to install on my computer. BAD MOVE. When i transfered the file via USB, opened it, it shut my computer down, but the computer didn't turn off automatically, it just stayed stuck on the blue windows is shutting down screen. I turned it off manually (button), unplugged and replugged it. Now whenever I turn it on it just stays stuck on the blue windows xp screen (the one after the black screen with dell logo and blue horizontal progress scan thing bar). Is there a better way to repair? Is UBCD (ultimate boot cd), ubcd4win, Hiren's, or any other freeware usefull? My main concern is salvaging / retrieving the data (files), but would like my computer up and running as well. Can I do this via DOS? Is doing a SYSTEM RESTORE more appropiate? More Luv.
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  1. A system restore will delete all your files. You can try booting up in safe mode and then copy your files to an external drive.
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