What's the most powerful passive cooling card nowadays?

I already have a Sparkle 8800 GT passive cooling and I wonder if there is something new.
Building a silent PC for FSX.

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  1. You can buy large aftermarket heatsinks for just about any card nowadays.
    If your airflow is exceptional, you can get away without a fan.
  2. Thank you.
  3. This 9800GT in terms of production graphic cards, so nothing new.

    Your other choice would be to explore aftermarket coolers as add ons. This article by hardwarecanucks shows adding an Arcticooling aftermarket VGA cooler to a HD4850 and the results, it may be feasible to add the same cooler to a 4870.

    www.silentpcreview.com may have some other ideas.
  4. Thanks again.
  5. 9800GT isn't worth the upgrade over a 8800GT as they are practically the same card.
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