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I built a system a few years ago and am looking to upgrade, even back then it was not top of the line. So I have lost touch with the latest trends in hardware. However, I would like to use as much of the old parts as I can. I am not a gamer so my requirements are pretty minimal, but I do a lot of multitasking.
What I am looking for is an upgrade in my CPU/Motherboard and graphics card(s), I would like to run 3 monitors (17 LCDs).
I think my ram is DDR2, 3 1 gig sticks, my Hard Drive is IDE and I use Windows XP pro. I would still like to use these components but would like to upgrade my OS in the future, maybe windows 7.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Well for alot of multi-tasking the Quads seem to be the ones to get. The C2D's are good too, but it all depends on your budget and requirements.

    * What is your current setup?
    * What is your budget?
    * What parts do you want to buy new?
    * Are you going to be using an existing PSU (hopefully not unless it's a good one)?
    * Are you planning on using your existing Case? if so, what case is it?
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    You really must give more information if you want good recommendations.
    At minimum, list your current hardware being as detailed as possible including your PSU and your budget.
  3. Yes, we need exact specs of your current hardware please to supply any useful information.
  4. I can't remember the PSU I think it is 450 watt, I know it was pretty expensive and heavy and yes I would like use it.
    as stated in my original post I am looking to buy a video card, mother board and CPU.
    I also gave specs on the existing components I would like to use like DDR ram, IDE hard drive etc. The case is pretty nice too, it holds an ATX sized motherboard.
    My budget would be about $300 for the three basic parts I mentioned. I guess I could be more spec by tearing apart my case and looking at everything I installed a few years ago.
    I just figured asking about multitasking processors, motherboards that supported IDE hard drives and DDR2 RAM and a video card(s) that could support 3 monitors would be sufficient information.
    If not I can also ways ask a local builder. I thought the internet would be faster and easier.

  5. Sorry, your given specs are not really enough to tell if there is anything you can save.
    As an educated guess, I do not believe you can reuse your existing RAM.
    It sounds to me like you have 3 sticks of standard DDR.

    With what information is available and assuming your PSU is a high quality unit, this is what I would suggest for you.

    Foxconn P45A-S: $89.99 after MIR
    E5200: $83.99
    4Gb of DDR2 800: $21.99 after MIR
    2x 4650's: $129.98 after volume discount

    Total after MIR's: $325.95

    At just a bit over your budget, this will give you a powerful Intel based platform with 4 DVI outputs and plenty of RAM.
    Also, as the E5200 is highly overclockable, you can give your self quite a boost in performance if you deem it necessary.
    You will be able to reuse two EIDE devices, ie. your current hard drive and DVD/RW, but you will have to reinstall Xp after changing your hardware so be sure to back up any important data.
    All components will be compatible with a newer operating system like Vista of Vista SE (Win 7).
  6. I agree with outlw6669 about the lack of info and the "educated" guess, so I'm going to recommend a similiar build.
  7. Thank you, this will give me a place to start.
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