How do I set up my Intel X25-V SSD?

So far, I've:

1. Plugged it into my system.
2. Installed Win7 on it.
3. Set mode to AHCI.
4. Checked to see if it has the latest Firmware, it did.
5. Tried to update driver software in Device Manager, it said it was already up to date.

I checked my WEI and it got a 7.6, but a lot of people are saying they have 7.7. Anyone know what's up?

I was told to install the Intel RST driver, but I don't how to. Can someone walk me through it?

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  1. Have you downloaded it yet? THey should tell you on the site what to do.

    Let me check...

    The download it here: Intel Rapid Storage Technology

    I believe you should install it, even if you don't have a RAID array. The latest support for TRIM is part of the driver.

    It will auto-install (kinda) when you run the downloaded file.

    BTW: You did set in to ACHI before you installed Win7, right? And you did a firmware upgrade before this? THe firmware upgrade has to be done through the utility you download with the firmware update, with the SATA ports set to IDE. It's all explained in the download.
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