Icons won't open program and all look alike.

I am having the same problem but cannot open internet to download. I already have a registry cleaner but cannot get it to open
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  1. Check Control Panel for your mouse click settings ?
    "Enter" key after highlighted with TAB should have the same effect as mouse.
  2. Thanks Cyberat_88, I did not check that at the time but the problem was that all exe file extensions had converted to lnk and nothing would open, Everywhere I looked they wanted me to download a registry cleaner of some sort but could not get onto internet to do so and the registry cleaners I have would not open. I also was unable to run a system restore for the same reason.
    I eventually went to my downloads file and was able to re-install Fixio registry cleaner and open it. Once I did that it also had a restore application that I used to go-back to working registry point.
  3. Good Fix, but for future reference, Windows Explorer displays all your executable files including everything on your drive, you can run the main file right from there. System files are in windows folder where installed software defaults to program files.
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