Does my case have good air flow?

I'm also concerned as the VX450 is mounter upside down adn also that the hot air from the HSF will make the PSU even hotter.
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  1. Your case does not have good air flow at all. Can you mount any optional fans?

    Can you aim your TRU-90 fan at the rear case fan? That would be a better option.

    Here is an example of a case with good air flow.

  2. No. I actually wanted to install it the way you said, but when I pointed it towards the rear, the PSU would be in the way. No room, small case. What can I do as it is to better it? ?And the bottom Drive bay is covered by some plastic design. If I just open up the place up front where you marked the 120mm, will it improve airflow? And my PSU is on top.
  3. Can you replace the 80mm rear fan with a 92mm or 120mm fan? Some cases allow more than 1 size fan to be mounted.

    Unless you're able to mount any extra fans there probably isnt a whole lot you can do to improve case cooling.
  4. Oh, there's no space to mount any more fans. If I open up some front bays, will it help?
  5. Not so much. About your last option is to look into aftermarket VGA coolers, slot fans and DVD drive bay fans. Performance PC's or
  6. Forgot to add the "change the case" option too.
    You could also "mod" the case to accept an external fan mounted on the case door.
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