Problem Changing My Book 2x2TB from RAID 1 to RAID 0

I have WD My Book Studio Edition II 2x2TB
When I want to change RAID1 to RAID0 in RAID manage. The change button to RAID0 Inactive
I have windows 7. And Used usb
This is a picture of RAID manage :

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  1. You can not just change it from 0 to 1. You have to start over with a new RAID volume.
  2. can you explain to me how to do that
  3. You have to delete the RAID 1. RAID 0 is for speed and if one drive fails you will lose all your data. In RAID 1 if a drive fails you still have your data because it is for redundancy. Why exactly do you want to change? You would generally use the WD My Book Studio Edition II for storage and RAID 0 is not recommended for storage.
  4. thank you, I know that my files will be lose. but I need to 4 tb to storage. 2tb is not enough to me.So what can I do to get 4tb.
    When Finally I Purchased, that happens to me.
    Please, can you tell me how to get 4tb.
  5. The best bet for storage is to run the 2 drives in non RAID or JBOD mode but that does not seem to be an option as far as I can tell. If you really need that much space for storage then you do NOT want to use RAID 0. You CAN but it is a bad idea. If there is any error or 1 drive fails you lose way to recover it.
    If you understand all this and still want the RAID 0 for storage then this page should help you.

    I think you just insert the CD that came with it then launch the WD RAID manager software then you should be able to change it.
  6. I would also suggest you not use RAID0 for file storage, I have seen 2 external so-called 1 gig capacity drives fail at work storing pretty critical date. When we looked at them, they were two 500gig drives in RAID0. Both failed within a month of each-other, same brand. Either use more drives as they are, or in a different RAID config.
  7. Thank you man.
    I owe to you.
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