Why RAM freq, increase

my pc (bought 1 week ago)

i3 2.93GHz(stock cooler)
2GB DDR3 133MHZ kingston value ram
Gigabyte H55S2
Onboard graphic (plan to buy 5670 512 MB DDR 5 or use my current 4650 1GB DDR2)
450 W PSU

i don't have knowledge in OC but i ask in this forum and they guide me to alter bclk and CPU core,

so i change the bclk to 150 and CPU vocre to 1.25V, so my CPU get 3.3 GHz and no problem so far.

so i have some questions

1. will OC will shorten my computer life spam. <i'll use it for about 3-4 years> (i'll use my pc for gaming about 2-3 hours a day.
2. ***** when i look at the hardware monitor, my RAM frequency goes up to 1500 MHz, so is this normal? my RAM don't have the heat sink, so can this cause my RAm overheat or damage or shorten life(my RAM don't have Temp sensor)
3. when i insert a graphic card, (5670 or 4650 factory OC), will my GPU also oc automatically or not?

thanks in advance
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  1. 1. Stay under the recommended Intel voltage and temperature limits and short of a random failure, your system will be obsolete before it dies from any effects of overclocking.
    2. No.
    3. No.
  2. thanks u for ur answer bro

    but what the "no" in the 2nd question mean.
    it mean my ram will not damage or my OC to CPU not concern with the increase in MHz of RAM or my ram will die soon?
    please be clear that.

    and how can i find the intel recommended Intel voltage and temperature limits?
    or could u be please tell me what's the values for i3 530?

    thanks again
  3. Google your CPU model, and the first link should be from intel. Which will show all the specifications for that CPU.

    It "probably" shouldn't hurt your RAM, but you never know.... Telling any hardware to work harder than it should will ware it out faster, depending on the quality is how long it will last.

    With out looking at your exact specs, I would say 70C is the hottest you can get it.... Intel is know for setting the threshold to 70C, even if it can handles hotter temps.

    Just some food for thought, dump your stock cooler! get some artic silver thermal grease, and a nice Heat sync and aslong as you keep a respectable OC, your temps will be just fine.
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