Hard drive cloned, now faced with BSOD

Hi Guys,

Got a problem, the HD in my Dell C400 went a few weeks ago, this laptops usb ports won't accept an optical drive so i was faced with buying a new HD and cloning my other laptops windows installation to get it working again.

So i downloaded XXClone and followed all the instructions, after clone was complete i put the cloned HD into my Dell C400, it booted up however before it launches Windows it goes to a BSOD which only shows for 1 second and immediatly restarts and continues in this vicious circle

I got my cam and recorded video at high frame rate in order for me to capture what the BSOD said and here is the picture:

I dont know how to do that chkdsk thing as it dosent even go into windows,

Can anyone help me out here please? really don't know what to do or why it's doing this
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  1. If you are taking a clone of another machine with different hardware this will not work. Windows constructs a HAL with each install which is specific to the hardware on that machine. There are ways around this, but it gets complicated. One important factor tho is the CPU, you definately cant do this cross cloning with AMD to Intel or vice versa.

    If you have two identical machines cloning one to the other shouldn't be an issue. If the machines are different then you need to prepare the machine to be cloned with Sysprep. You will have to do some reading on Google for Sysprep.

    of course there shouldn't be any reason you can't connect an external CD/DVD drive via USB, so that seems like more of a problem than the cloning issue.
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