ATI 4850 500 watt PSU?

I have a ati 4850 and a COOLER MASTER eXtreme RP-500-PCAR 500W ATX12V V2.01 Power Supply.
My video card went bad, is it from not enough power, or is this PSU ok? The PSU has 2 12v rails but only 16 amps each one.

- AMD AM2 5400+

- Biostar T series TA780G motherboard

- Diamond ATI Radeon 4850

- Coolermaster dual rail 500 watt psu

- OCZ 3gb ddr2 (1gb 512x2)(2gb 1gbx2)
Dual channel 800 mhz

- Seagate 500gb hard drive

- 20x liteon DVD-RW

- linksys pci wi-fi card 54g

- 3 80mm fans 2 of with LEDs

-1 120mm fan with a cold cathode light
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  1. Do you have another PC or a friends to test your video card with?

    Do you have another PSU or a friends to power up your PC?

    2 - 16A 12v rails is pushing it. I think it would be enough, but. I always go with 650w and 40A plus for a gaming set up.
  2. Hard to say. The PSU should be powerful enough, on paper. However, it's not honestly labeled. For example a Corsair 450VX is supposed to be weaker, with only 450W instead of 500W, but in fact it's more powerful (33A). CoolerMaster doesn't disclose the combined amperage, so I'd assume it's a lot less than 16+16 and they prefer not so say how much less.

    If you remove the card and use integrated video, does everything work? If you put the card in another PC, does it work? Just curious if it's the video card that died or the PSU or both.
  3. i RMAed the card, new one has not come back yet. computer works good when i use onborad video. the 4850 ran good for 4 months but i started to get bios beeps for video card. it only did this when the computer was cooled but after it warmed up it would run fine.
  4. anyone? anyone?
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