Need to resuscitate hard drive!

I have a 1TB hard drive that stopped booting. First I had it partitioned into two 500GBs each. On one partition I had windows 7 and Vista on the other. The 7 partition stopped booting and gave the BSOD so I started booting from the vista side. Now neither side boots and in fact the drive does not seem to be recognized at all. I get an error message "drive 0 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-0"

If I go into BIOS under drives it shows the drive as being present but doesnt recognize it and cant give the usual info like drive size. It instead says Drive ID unknown.

I bought a new 1TB drive and installed it in place of the "bad" drive and loaded Windows7 on it. If I boot with this drive in place it boots fine and all drives show up. The 1TB boot drive along with a 320 GB data drive that is also on the computer. If, however, I remove the 320GB data drive and replace it with the "bad" 1TB drive in order to try and retrieve data files off it, the computer will not boot at all and I get the error message: "Drive 1 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-2 and drive id unknown.

It has power applied and I can feel it spinning. So what could be the problem? Also, even if the drive truly is bad, why am I unable to boot the primary drive when this "bad drive" is plugged in as a data drive?

Thank you for any help or is there some diagnostic/repair software that could help me at least retrieve my files off this drive.

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  1. I have heard that putting the drive into a freezer for 24 hours can sometimes bring a drive back to life for a while. If you try this, be prepared to pull all of the data off as quickly as possible because even if it does work there's no guarantee that it will work for very long.
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