Dis Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter


Emerald said:
it seems that your computer cannot boot of your hard drive.

do you have a cd in the cd-rom drive?

is you hard drive been recognized in your BIOS?

There is no cd in the cd-rom drive.

And yes the hard drive is been recognised in BIOS.

I tried with the XP CD to install the updates, not to repair, but it says, there is no hard disk drive installed in my computer.

I have tried resetting the Hard disk drive cables, still the same error popping out.

Please help.

And Thanks for your Reply and Thanks in advance for trying tohelp me out with this.
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  1. Guess 1 is that the hard disk is not properly jumpered (if PATA/IDE) and guess 2 is that if SATA, the drivers aren't present.

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