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hi all..

i am betty and i am good at computing but not the "technical" side of it. I have a very bad problem :(
My brother installed a ""back up dvd of factory default of his new laptop(Acer with Windows Vista Home premium ) to our desktop pc (which had windows xp ) and cancelled the installation when it was 5% of progress. He wasn't sure whether it wud work!!! ( sure he had gone nuts! )
After, he tried opening windows on the desktop normally but unable to do so, he tried installing a fresh version of Windows XP and it formatted and when it says Error loading Operating System !!! i tried deleting the partition and making a new one and installed on it but still this error comes up!!

I had tried typing fixmbr on dos. but nothing!!!!!!!!! please do advise me on what can be done!!
Also i would kindly advice me the procedures on a simple way..for info i dont hv a floppy disk with me now, usb drive yes ( is that can help! )

Please help...I need to install my Windows XP to my desktop pc !!! :(
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  1. Hi

    You are pretty good, you thought of the MBR. I would first check the HDD with the manufactures tool for errors. If that checks out okay I would go back to the MBR theory. I have been bailed out many times by an application called Active@KillDisk. Perform a single pass low level format on the drive including boot sectors. Sorry, this is a paid app but if you have skills you'll have no problem finding the ISO image on the web. If that fails there is only one thing left, a corrupt bios. Good luck.
  2. Hi starams5, : tks for replying.

    isn't there anyone else who could help me !!!!!!!!!!!! please :(
  3. Just a thought , did the back up DVD have the drivers already installed?? or is there a seperate driver disk for the system?? Also what type desktop do you have?Mobo, HDD etc. this could help quite a bit in respnces . might double check to make sure your partition in bios set up WILL delete old set up completely. after HDD is completely "like new" try the xp disk again, and maybe the o.s. disk is bad too.
    just some thoughts.
  4. hi all,

    yersterday i repaired it myself *_* i just couldn't imagine i did it! anyway what i did was
    1. ran recovery once windows xp ran
    2. did a fixboot
    3. formatted the boot dr.
    4. restarted and deleted the partitions and made a new one.
    5. ands on that one i installed xp and it WORKED !!!

    The above was exactly what i happy about what i did and i thank you all for replying :D

    hv a nice day :)
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