XFX 4830 or Evga 9800GT

hey, everyone

i am in a hole lol i cant debate between the XFX 4830 or the Evga 9800GT also Newegg does not have the XFX 4830 but other e trailers online do. its time refund time so i am upgrading from X1950Pro

system Specs

E6420 o/c 3.2 1.3625v
Asus P5k-v
Ocz 1gbx2 DDR2 800
Psu 750watt 45amp single 12v rail

Both the 4830 and the 9800GT have lifetime warranty's

now who should i buy from for the 4830 since newegg does not have them.


can i max all games on the 4830? my montior is 17" lcd 1280x1024 also which would overclock better? 9800GT or 4830?

Thanks for your time
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  1. The cooler on the XFX 4830 and 4850 is good from what ive read. Also the 4830 is better than the 8800GT/9800GT. The 4830 can overclock up to 4850 performance if you can keep temperatures under control. Honestly I would get the 4830.
  2. ok awesome can i max out games with my mini 1280x1024? lol

    Also which E-trailer should i buy from.
  3. You should be able too as long as its not Crysis. The 4830 is better than the 9800GT.
  4. i dont plan on playing crysis lol. also which would be the best online retailer to buy from?

    these are the only 4 that i can find which have the xfx 4830


  5. ncix will be expensive since its canadian, shipping will kill you. Ive used mwave before and they are good.

    I see you already have a 750i and a 9800GTX, im assuming the 4830 is for a different system?
  6. yeah its for my 2nd system i did not know ncix was canadian lol. i am just use to newegg. i would rather spend the extra $20-30 on the card and get a lifetime warranty plus i can overclock and it will be covered.

    is xfx just as good as evga?
  7. 4830 on sale at the Egg for 75 bucks after rebate
  8. yeah but it does not have the lifetime warranty or the coverage for overclocking.
  9. who cares about a lifetime warranty? you gonna keep the card til you retire at 65? Far as warranty for overclocking, who knows if you overclocked it?
  10. i like to have it. because i might keep it for about a year or 2. also i want to add a aftermarket cooler. plus with xfx and evga you get american tech support not indiana where you cant understand them.
  11. yer money, but most cards have a couple year warranty, if yer gonna spend all that extra plus aftermarket cooler you mite as well go for something faster.
    Yeh , its hard to understand them Indiana people lol
  12. i found a good deal on a VisionTek 4850 for $110 shipped so i might jump on that. but i like buying new parts not used lol. the reasoning for me saying lifetime warranty is because i can sell it for cheap and the person who buys it will get a lifetime warranty as well. plus i dont think other warrantys like powercolor or them support overclocking. and i think they can tell if you o/c
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