Sound and Video slow down

My Pc Randomly slows down to a near stall only while playing Microsoft Flight simulator X, The thing is it only happens randomly, but it never happens with any of my other games. And it never use to happen in fsx but only started recently. There will be times when sound, video or any other media will just slow down. All this while system idl is 98% or so. When the sound slows down, as to does the video frame rate, I would get sound slow downs (almost sounds robotic) and video slowdowns/frame skips
I normally get about 35+ FPS but when this happens it goes to 1 to 3 fps with slow sound.
I have done a fresh win installation.
Sys Specs
OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional sp1&2
Mobo Gigabyte 946GMX-S2
Processor core2 duo 2000
2 gig mem
Please help
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  1. core2 duo 2000?

    are we talking a core2duo at 2GHz?
  2. What graphics card you got in there?
    Flight Simulator X is arguably one of the most demanding games and eats CPUs for breakfast.

    My guess is your CPU's overheating. Use a program like Realtemp, Coretemp, or Speedfan to measure your temperatures, preferably log to a file so you can refer back to it after a crash.
  3. Yes core2duo at 2GHz & GPU XFX 8600GT
    But I think it is irrelevant to see if I meet the requirements because I do. Like I said I have been playing the same game for 7 months with 30+ fps, the only 2 things that has changed is, I added a 23’ lcd and a Microsoft sidewinder X6 key board, I eliminated this as I went back to my old stuff but the same thing still happens.
    And no cpu is not over heating it actually has a cool temp of 32 to 38 deg fanspeed reading.

    As soon as I exit FSX every thing is fine, bare with me. In fsx you have a menu like in any game. But you can also preview your plane, this is also the first place you would use 3d graphics with sound on the same screen. This is where the Shi…. Hits the fan. As soon as I go to any other menu selections that does not use sound and 3d simultaneously all is well again. And again I would like to say it only happens in this on game.
  4. Speedfan
  5. hey man

    did u install the service packs of flight simulator? i had performace issues when i isntalled FSX, the i downloaded and installed FSX service packs ( both sp1 and sp2) and i work like a charm.

    so i sugest u donwload the service packs and update your Direct X too. U need to install sp1 before sp2.

  6. Yip SP1 And 2,
    still no luck!!!
  7. The latest is that it happens in Sid Meier's Civilization 4 and in Heroes of Might and Magic V, but still very randomly, if this happens in Civ4 I only have to Alt + Tab back to win and then back to the game an all is well again.
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