DIMM Slot Configuration??

This is probably a dumb question, but, I am getting the CrossHair 4 w/crucial tracers(red) and the 212+.
I am positive I enuff room to install the cooler so it faces up and down(Which will work wonders in a HAF-X)
However in the event it is to close I figured I could use the black dimms instead.

So, My question is, does it matter which dimms I use for the tracers 1600???

The reason I ask is because on GigaBytes board, they say to reach maximum Clocks 1866, you must use dimm slot 3 & 4.
I couldn't find any information or anything like this for the Crosshair, so I thought I would double check!

I figured since these memory modules aren't even 2000, it wouldn't matter if this was true, but I figured I would ask
anyways cause I rather ask a stupid question then not know for sure, esp. when it comes to my 1500$ RIg!!!
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    I would imagine you can get the best clocks from non dual channel dims with separate sticks which is why they would say for max OC put them in the 3 and 4 dimms because those wouldn't be channeled together. I am not 100% positive of that and it seems like it wouldn't matter much.

    Although it is odd that it says specifically says 3 and 4. The best way to find out would be to give gigabyte tech support a call.
  2. I don't care about the gigabyte, i just didn't know if that rule applied to other mobos.
    Like in general does it even matter if you use fartherest to the right instead of the others??,
  3. No, what matters is the channels
  4. Well I probably won't have a problem installing the cooler, but if I do I will just move my memory to the other channels.
    I don't the booklet with me but on the board it goes red,black,red,black. So I assume the reds are the first dual channel
    and the blacks are the second dual channel. I might be mistaken but I will have the booklet when I go to do it.

    Just looking at the board I can see it might not be able to, but if I didn't have to use that first dimm, I would easily have myself a good 2cm-4cm.

    If you look at the Hyper 212+, the bottom of the actual cooler is taller so that is not where it would touch. The pipes on the 212+ are what can possilby be over so much it would hit, but the pipes are about 2cm's from the edge so the actual cooler might hanger over just a tad bit, but it would work. So plan B is to move the memory over. and the if all else fails plan C
    then I would just install the 212+ facing front to back. But I don't think I will have to.
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