How to Overclock Q9450

Hi I have a Q9450 and I will like to overclock it. How do I go about doing that? I have 2x4gb ddr2 667 ram and running a XFX Radeon 5770. Please advice
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  1. he following link is your best friend, readit, then read it again, then OC :)
  2. Thx bro~!
  3. no problemo, let us know how everything goes.
  4. Once you look at the generic guide, use google to find a guide for your specific motherboard.

    And if you are overclocking, you will need better cooling.

    For a 45 nm CPU, don't exceed 1.45 volts on the CPU. I also recommend keeping your load temperatures under 70 C.
  5. Trying to overclock a q9450 over here too! Thanks for the info from all of you. Btw, q9450 ftw!
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