Graphics card for new i7...PLEASE HELP

Ok... I need help deciding which card to get. This is going into an ASUS P6T LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard, with a OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W psu. I might be doing some o.c.-ing later, if that makes a difference, and this is going into an antec 900 case(idk, some of them might not fit???) Thanks for any advice/feedback!
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  1. Missed the important piece of the puzzle, what display are you using ?
    Dont know about fitting in the case im not familiar with the case.
    My first thoughts are that i personally dont like dual card set ups and i think (not 100% sure) that the 285 is a single card.

  2. Found this report and think you may find it usefull.

  3. Edited to add: my mistake. Your choice is the 4850x2. I misread it as 4870x2.

    I've heard you need the drivers from Sapphire and can't use the standard Catalyst. That may (or may not) be a problem. Once AMD comes out with their own 4850x2 reference, then standard Catalyst should be no problem. Still, you can't go wrong with the GTX285. I'd always recommend the newest version of any card, whether die shrink, better cooling or other tweaks.

    I lucked out this month. My 3870x2 did well until mid December when it started acting flaky, then it died on me after almost 12 months. Probably the resistor issues reported with some 3xxx cards manufactured by Powercolor for themselves and other companies.

    Anyways, when I sent it back to Newegg, they offered me a full refund or a similar item at the same price. I chose the Sapphire 4870x2. If my card had died months earlier, it would have been replaced by another 3870x2. If it had died much later, it would be under manufacturer's warranty only.

    As it died a couple of weeks before the end of Newegg's standard return policy, I have a nice upgrade shipping today, and next week I'll be able to afford a Phenom II 940 to go with it.

    To the OP, i7's have been reported as being best with multicard setups. If your board's SLI then I'd say go Nvidia, if you're board's Crossfire, I'd recommend ATI; even if you can't afford the second card soon.

    Also, resolution affects things. Plan on gaming at 1920 and above for any of your choices. I can't afford the "real estate" of a 24" 1920 x 1200 LCD while also buying the new CPU, so I'm looking at the $189 Acer H213H 21.5" 1920 x 1080.

    Make sure you benefit from a good resolution and have a PSU that can handle the amps on the 12 volt rail plus enough cooling. Have fun with whatever choice you make. You can't go wrong with a GTX285 or a Radeon 4850x2.
  4. I wouldn't recommend the 4850 X2 over the 280 or 285 ever seeing as they are both pretty much equal (though the blows are more in favour of the 4850 X2 I believe).

    If the cards pare pretty much the same power, I don't recommend dual GPu over single GPU ever.

    I would tough it out and grab a 285 GTX, seeing as there prob won't be anymore 280s to sli it with in the near future.
  5. Just to clear things up im going to be playing on a 22 in monitor. But I think I might go with a 4850 x2 and then just crossfire later, becuase im not going to play games like crysis and insane shooters like that. I just need a fast gpu that can handle them if i want to play them. I was looking at temps and the 4850 blows the 285 out of the water which is nice because im going to overclock things. Plus I've read that this gpu could reach low end 4870 x2 with the right drivers, and overclocked(im not sure on this though) <---- Any one who knows if this is true or how these things overclock please share!
  6. Crossfire 4850 X2 is a hassle but its your choice:). Personally I'd rather have a slightly weaker single GPu than 2 less powerful working together.

    Your much better off getting 2 4850s and sli them, if you search around you can find them cheaper, running cooler, and in general when it comes to ATI's cards for some reason dual cards tend to perform better than single dual GPU cards.

    just so you kno because of driver problems

    280(285) GTX sli > 4850 X2 quad > 4850 X2 > 280(285) GTX:)

    If your thinking down the road, you might also want to look into 4870 X2.
  7. What do you guys think about getting 2 hd 4850 1gb versions and crossfiring them to match the 4850 x2 2gb version? I've been looking at alot of benchmarks and it looks like the 4850 x2 has a slight edge. Also alot of votes are coming in for the 285 card, but I think that the 4850 x2 would out perform it, any thoughts on that? Thanks for all the help.

    Edit: o.k. i just figure out the 4870 X2 is only $100 more, is it worth it????
  8. Fisrt off, after the issues I've head with my GX2, I would stay away from all X2 models unless you truly need the performance. And for the record, the 4850X2 has recieved close to 0 support since it came out, so I wouldn't touch it.

    For a 22" moniter, I'm thinking GTX 260 (216) or a single 1GB 4870. If you need the extra performance, then go with the GTX 285 (which is cheaper than the 280 right now...) over a CF/SLI solution that gets around the same performance, as CF/SLI does have issues from time to time...
  9. The problems with a 4850x2 is that it's not based on an AMD reference design. ASUS put out the 3850x2 and Sapphire the 4850x2, but had to support the cards themselves. AMD is considering a 4850x2 reference, which would increase support in the standard drivers.

    The only reason I'm getting a 4870x2 is as a warranty replacement when the 3870x2 died. The factory overclocked 3870x2 was great for a year, but it did not support every game I played because not every game supports Crossfire (or SLI).

    You might want to consider a single 4870x2 1 gig for now and look at Crossfiring them when you have a monitor with a resolution higher than 1680 x 1050.

    I'd get one with a standard return policy.
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