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E2180 or E5200 for P5GCMX-1333

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April 3, 2009 5:33:57 AM

Hi there, Guys plz help me choose the best CPU between the two i.e; Dual Core E2180 or E5200 for My ASUS P%GCMX-1333 Mobo with my EVGA 9600GT. Which one of these will bottleneck 9600GT. Currently i m using Celeron D 2.8 Ghz. Any help will be highly appreciated

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April 3, 2009 5:41:26 AM

If your mobo supports E5200, get that...Its the best of the both...And both the CPUs wont bottleneck a 9600GT..
April 3, 2009 7:27:06 AM

Thanks gkay i do agree with u, but need more replies like urs :) 
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April 3, 2009 7:52:53 AM

gkay has it right. Go with the e5200
April 3, 2009 12:09:35 PM

the e5200 is 45nm its very good at overclocking

buy a freezer 7 pro around £18 and u get an OC around 3.4-3.8 Ghz
April 3, 2009 12:53:57 PM

mildiner86 what is a freezer 7 pro??
April 3, 2009 1:37:45 PM

It's an average CPU heatsink and fan. Most people on this forum recommend the slightly more expensive Xigmatek S-1283, or Sunbeam Core Contact, as they're two of the best coolers going at the moment.

Also, if you go down that route make sure to pick up some high quality thermal paste, Arctic Silver 5 or MX-2 are the most highly recommended (AS5 being my own personal preference)
April 3, 2009 1:56:06 PM

yeah Kraynor is correct, i suggested the freezer as its a cheaper cause the e5200 isnt that expensive u may be able to OC it a lil further on a better heat sink

but yeah get some good thermal compoound

the reason the e5200 is so good at OC is that the FSB is really low and it has a high multiplyer so when u OC using the FSB most motherbaords can go up to 1333

if ur motherbaord can go to 1333 and the e5200 has a 12.5 multiplier u will be able to hit 4.165Ghz before the motherbaord will cause a problem

therefore any overclocking wall will be due to tempreture

April 3, 2009 2:37:19 PM

assuming the s1283 heatsink fits on your mobo i would highly recommend that one (if you are planning to overclock). Consider getting the backplate for it too to make the installation easier:

however if your not going to be doing any overclocking the stock heatsink will work just fine
April 5, 2009 8:31:53 AM

The stock heatsink will be fine even for substantial OCing of the e5200.