Fans on L, M or High?

My system is an i5 750 2.66ghz, 4gig ram, gigabyte p55m-ud2, 750 watt psu, 5770 gpu, antec p180 mini case with hyper 212 cooler. I have set the fans on the rear and top to push air out. The fan on the cooler goes from the front to the back, towards the rear fan which then pushes the air out of the box.

Question 1: Running stock do I need to put the rear fan and top fan on L, M or High?

Question 2: If I plan to overclock, should I always keep them on L, M or High? Should I invest in a fan or two for the front?

Question 3: Is my fan setup ideal for proper air cooling?

Any suggestions?
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  1. 1 Depends what the temps are and how quiet you want it.
    2 1st part as above. Front fans will help but again depends on the temp.
    3 with the front fans yes as long as airflow is good
  2. I have a 902 and have always left my TriCools on low.
    When i game for 2+ hrs i'll turn up my front intakes a little bit to help cool my gpu.
    Other then that i rely on my MUX-120 push/ pull heatsink to keep the cpu cool.
    Add another fan to your HS you may see another 2-3C temp drop on your cpu.
    Also get in on the IC Diamond Giveaway you'll likely see another 2-3C temp drop.
    Some good silent fans.
  3. You might also consider air pressure. I prefer a negative air pressure (top/rear exhausts are med-high, while 2 front intakes are low) instead of a positive air pressure (2 fronts intakes are high, the exhausts are low).

    -Negative air pressure sucks heat out more effectively, but also increases dust inside your case, best if you have dust filters for your intakes.
    -Positive air pressure slightly increases the heat inside your case, but will keep it much cleaner. Note that all your components will be getting colder air from outside, but all the heated air inside is trapped.
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