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This is my first post on this forum and hope you could give me some advice. I currently have a HP Pavilion Slimline desktop PC which I have had for around 5 months.

I want to upgrade my graphics card but am abit lost in doing so, I wonder if u guys could supply a list of graphics cards that would A fit due to it needing to be a low profile and B my power supply being able to cope.

I want to be able to do a little bit of gaming but I do understand that low profile graphics cards are not the best for this.

I have supplied a link to the hp website detailing my PC spec.

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  1. Since your link didn't list the rating of your power supply you'll need to let us know what it is 250watt, 300watt, 350watt ? You basically have 2 cards that would increase the performance of your HD3450 you have in your system now (according to your link) one is the low profile 9500GT and the other is the low profile 9600GT. A problem is both of them require more power then the 3450 you have now. Here's a couple of Newegg links to show you what you're looking for although you can't order from them.

    9600GT uses about 61 watts and needs a 6 pin connector from your power supply, the 9500GT listed uses about 30 watts and only uses the power supplied by it's socket. Your power supply may be the limiting factor in which card you can use.
  2. I agree, the problem here will be the power supply. Its likely you won't be able to do too much, 9600GT at best. I would say not even 350watt would be enough. Your in a tough spot here. HP doesn't make great PC's when it comes to upgrades. You need to find out what your power supply is, then we can help further.
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