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Hello everyone

I have a problem when I try to copy a file (about 7Gigs) from one partition to another, basically the process starts fine but when it is almost done, the file copy window just "hangs" and then it shows "Cant read from file".

Also when I tried to mount an ISO with daemon tools, I tried to install the content of the ISO but then again when it was almost finishing with the install process, daemon tool unmounted the ISO by it's own and game a file error.

Currently using:

Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
1TB samsung HD (partitioned to 1 500GB and 2 250 GB)
Core i7 920
Geforce 275 GTX
3 GB Corsair memory
750 Watt corsair PSU

Any help would be appreciated......
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  1. Do a repair install of Win7 - boot to the usb stick or dvd you used originally to install Win7, choose repair when it boots to the opening screen.
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