Need advice: AGP card for my computer?

I have a pretty old computer and here's the spec:

P4 3.0 HT
Intel 865perl motherboard
1.5 gig rams (PC3200)
and a dead geforce 6600 GT :(
450W (true power) - 25amp on the 12v

I'm looking for a replacement agp graphic card and found myself with limited options. It's either cards like geforce fx5200 or radeon HD3650/3850.
There's hardly any vendors that sell agp cards around at where I live.

I'm thinking of getting HD 3650 but after googling around it seems that HD 3850 is a better although cost more money. So with the spec that I have which one is a better fit? I don't want to get bottleneck by my cpu.
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  1. Well the better fit is the 3650 but i would look on it as a price thing, if the 3850 isnt that much more you may as well get it, that way you can run with a high level of detail/quality, AA/AF etc.
    Yes it will be restricted by your CPU but its all relative its not like its going to cause things to become unplayable or anything like that.

  2. Yes and unless you have enough money to actually build a new system or actually want to build a new system, ignore anyone else who tells you to build a new machine right now and stick with Mactronix's advice.
  3. Well 3650 is about $70 while the 3850 is about $100. I'll probably get 3650 since it's cheaper.

    And yeah I actually agree with you Anoobis, my computer runs fine for normal usage and I don't play new games that much either. I just need a replacement my dead card so that games in my computer still work respectably.

    Alright, thanks guys.
  4. Well it seems I was misinformed about the 3650, only the PCI-e is available. The 3850 is out of stock at the moment. So I'm left with either HD 2600 pro or X1650. How are these fare against my dead 6600GT?
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