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For intel core 2 quad q8200 1,6 cpu pll voltage much?Motherboard asus p5q pro.
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  1. was he safe?
  2. If I understand your question, he went to high. 1.45v is the max most use. Only go higher if you have water/phase change cooling. Even then I don't think they use it 24/7.
  3. 1,5 volt is minimal .not vcore voltage is 1,6 cpu pll voltage
  4. ? I didn't understand that post at all. 1.5v is usually considered the "red line" in the C2D series.
  5. it's core 2 quad q 8200 not core 2 duo
  6. Same difference. C2Q would have the same voltage limits as a C2D.
  7. JJ, you can download the datasheet and see what the recommended max voltages are so you know:

  8. Thank you
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