Help: 8600GT DDR3 vs 9500GT ddr3

Hi Friends,
I've just upgraded my system and my current config is:

AMD Athlon 5600+ 2.90GHz (Brisbane)
Gigabyte S2 Series MoBo
Kingston 1x2GB PC6400 DDR2 RAM
Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 250 GB HDD
Stock Cooling and Power Supply

Well i am looking to buy a decent Mid-Range GPU that can
play latest games at some decent framerates.

At my local store i have got two options as per my budget
1) XFX 8600GT 512MB DDR3 for 110$
2) MSI 9500GT 512MB DDR3 for 100$

Please help me which one should i go for as i am on a tight
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  1. Basically they're the same cards, Nvidia just rebadged the 8600GT to the 9500GT. Of the 2 cards i'd go with the XFX card, but they're both pretty weak cards for gaming. A better choice would be a HD4670 graphic card. You have other better choices that should be about the same price as the ones you have listed, but they may require a 400w or greater power supply. What is your power supply rated at ? Here's a couple of links that show relative performance of different graphic cards and how they perform with recently released games.,2118-7.html
  2. Thanks for the info...dirtmountain

    but i have a 1024x768 display and a 450W power supply.
    Aren't these cards sufficient for my display as HD 4670 is little
    high on price in my area?
    Also What if i choose a XFX 9500GT against XFX 8600GT...

    Thanks anyway...
  3. As in my case, i would go for 8600GT..
  4. I would go with an ATI 4830. Newegg has them on sale for ~100usd. A 4830 will run circles around either of those cards.
  5. You're getting ripped off at those prices.

    Go with Newegg, which offers great GPUs at the lowest prices.

    Get a mid-high end GPU such as the 8800GT/9800GT or as bossman34 said, the 4830. All of those mid-high end cards goes for around $100-$120 on Newegg. Get that at a minimum if you want to play the latest games at decent FPS. They are leaps and bounds better than the 8600GT and 9500GT.

    Don't bother going for a 8600 cuz the 8x00 series (except the 8800) all suck, and both the 8600GT and 9500GT at $100 is way overpriced for medium end cards.
  6. 9500 GT is faster than the 8600 GT, but I would try to push for a 8800 GSO or 9600 GT or even a 4670
  7. Yup, here's a few from NewEgg that're roughly double the performance of the 9500GT (which, according to L1qu1d is the faster of the two):

    Edit: This one'll kill them both.
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