I7 920 or opteron 2350 dual processor

i7 920 or opteron 2350 dual processor wich is good for maya mental ray rendering
cost looks almost all same for both daily i will use 8to 10 hrs per day maximam use maya and net and sum ammount of fur plz give me suggestion on this
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  1. Newegg has an opteron quad core for $84.99 (bare cpu only) that might work best. It all depends on your budget. They also have some open box server boards with no accessories. If I order an open box board, I check with the manufacturer first on getting a backplate. Some will even ship them for free. If your motherboard is reasonably priced and you can't afford downtime with a business, I always recommend getting 2 while you can; many boards have a short manufacturing life
  2. i7 every time.
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