New CPU or Heatsink?

I've been learning to OC my CPU by watching videos, my CPU is a AMD phenom 9550. I reached 2.420 GHz with a Bus of 220 using the stock fan. I left wattage default because when i started messing with that stuff my PC kept crashing in the OCCT test. Should i buy a new heatsink and fan or should i just get a black edition processor?
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    I think you missed one thing before you did OC. First rule in overclocking is to get a decent CPU cooler and power supply. After marker CPU Coolers and PSU is a must. So I'd go for CPU cooler and not a new CPU.
  2. I do monitor my temps though and they stay idle at 38 and it goes up to the mid 40's when testing its max load. If i bought a great heatsink how high do you expect my clockspeed to be?
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