Newegg,ca only. 4500 hardcore gaming rig

I can go over the budget if needed. I want a monster crysis mac settings at 1920x1200. Benchmark setter ect. Help build me a beat plox.
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  1. you can start off looking at corei7 965 / x58 mobo/ 2x 4870x2's.....
  2. well for $4500 you can get quite a system, but honestly, why? it still won't play crysis all that well. no computer can. but if you still want to, then:

    core i7 965, asus rampage II, 6GB DDR3 1600, 2x 4870x2, velociraptors in RAID.

    but honestly, save most of that money for something more useful, or a future computer. no matter how much you spend, just remember it'll be completely outdated within months, if not weeks.
  3. are 4870x2 in crossfire better thenthree gtxs 280s? I am assuming they scale better? I didnt really want to spring for the rampage II i don't like all the features i rather grab a evga x58. Its more simplistic.
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