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Gigabyte Motherboard Enthusiasts, can you clarify something for me?

How is the GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H different from the GIGABYTE GA-MA78GPM-UD2H?

The Gigabyte "comparison" feature on the manufacturer's site doesn't do a great job and resellers don't either, but then again I'm a novice so I could have missed it!

I think the only difference may be the GA-MA78GPM-UD2H has Built-in 128MB DDR3 1066/ 1333(OC)MHz SidePort Memory whereas the GA-MA78GM-US2H has no onboard memory.

Is that a correct assumption?

Also, If passing blu-ray audio and video to a receiver through the HDMI, how much will 128MB DDR side board memory help me?

I chose these two boards for my low power consumption HTPC build because I had to have a microATX form factor, wanted a MB with onboard HDMI and wanted to use an AMD 45 watt chip. If I'm missing a board or a good Intel opportunity that fits these parameters, I'd welcome the suggestions.

Many thanks!
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  1. The GA-MA78GPM-UD2H has Ultra Durable 3 technology. You can read about it at
  2. Both boards have the Ultra Durable 3 Technology as can be clearly seen on the box covers at

    This however is a board/copper thickness feature both have, but it does not address the specific questions I was asking.

    Thanks anyway however.
  3. Yeah the 128MB side port memory is an upgrade from the standard (I think it was 64MB DDR2 mem), anyway the one with the sideport is the one you want, but either will be able to do HD. The DDR3 side port I believe will be more helpful with any games you might play, or 3d apps, but I assume that this would be the board thats more desirable.
    I think the other one is the model that came out first, but I'm not positive.
  4. Oh yeah, side port means the onboard video has its own ram, therefore does not need to share system memory. So like I said, that's the one you wanna get.
  5. Thanks! That's what I thought, but I haven't built a computer in 5 years so I've been "out of the game!" I appreciate the insight!
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