Overclocking problem :(

I'm trying to overclock my q9550 with g41m-es2l to 3.0 ghz , but when i hit save the computer shuts down and starts back up about 2 times. On the third time it loads default clocks. I heard in another forum that this happens if you have USB devices connected , but I removed them all and only left the PS/2 Keyboard and it still happened. I also tried removing 1 stick of ram since i have mixed ram (totally different , 1gb 667 , 2gb 800) and it still happened. I never OC before (well i have but in 2005) so i might be doing something wrong. Here is what i did: just up the fsb from 333 to 360.
I'm using the stock cooler by the way. I just wanted to test and revert back since the temps are high(what do you expect on stock cooler?). Anyway , I'm getting an aftermarket cooler. :bounce:

a little help here? :)

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  1. Just a guess but I think I would at least up the Vc a little bit higher.

    There is a good guide here.

    I would suggest you at least look it over. The max temp for that CPU is ~72C but I would not run it higher than mid 60s for longevity.

    Intels stock CPU collers seem okay for stock CPUs but not OC'n. I'd be careful til you received your after market CPU cooler.

    Running two different sticks of ram is not good for OC'n.

    Also I would Google your M/BD for reviews and see if it is a good OC candidate. Not all M/BDs are created equal in this arena.

    Good luck to you and happy OC'n. :sol:
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