Need help built a new computer but no display keyboard /mouse no work

I just bought an

msi p45 8-d
4 gig 667mhz ram
320 sata
500 liberty atx psu

all other parts and componets as well.

I basically upgraded my computer took all the old parts out of the case and just put in the new mobo/cpu and put in the old ram, dvd hard drive etc.

I think I put everything in properly however I don't know why my computer has no display or why my mouse is not turning on (mx518) usb no light under it. And the keyboard doesn't even have light on the num lock, caps lock, etc.

At first the fans, cpu, gpu, would all spin plus leds on 10 seconds then stop and turn off 3 seconds, turn back on for 10 seconds. No display mouse keyboard. THen I decided to try and push the pins on my cpu fan/heatsink harder. WHen I booted agian, it stayed on however when i reset it does the same thing but when i Hit the power button it stays on. Now though, it's good it's on and everything but I have no signal on my monitor, my keyboard is not on or working, my mouse is not working there is no beep.

I'm sad I spent so much time putting this together (4 hours) with carefully reading and using an anti static wrist strap. I spent so much money, and was planning on overclocking but never got the chance since my computer work properly.

Can anyone help are these symptoms familiar? I don't know what's the problem I would appreciate it if anyone could help.

If more detail is needed I would be glad to give some more info.

Sorry if this is in the wrong subcategory but I went under home built systems.
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  1. yeah my friend had the same problem except there were no fan troubles

    it was something to do with the motherboard so he got a different one and it worked

    i dont know if yours is the same problem though.....
  2. what video card do you have. are you giving power to the video card? also check the connections to the mobo maybe its no getting enough power.
  3. Ok update one problem. I figured out I was trying to put in pc4200 in the motherboard which does not support. So I desregarded that memory, I have 2 other ones pc 5300 and another 667mhz one. (I think pc5300 is 667mhz right?)

    the kingston 667mhz does not work with p45 8-d

    the other patriot pc5300 does, and keyboard/mouse turn on. Then I see bootup screen but it goes straight to start windows normally or repair. I choose start normally then i get the blue screen of death. I go to repair it takes forever and it's still searching for problems as we speak. When I try to hit del for bios it doens't take me there, it just goes straight to 2 options which is repair or normal. THe other option is to hit tab for post which i don't know what it is but I guess shows maybe 1-2 seconds of small info like memory/cpu @ 2.53 usb dev 1 then goes to 2 options repair or normal startup.

    So I lose in every situation, when I hit repair (i'll keep update my pc is repairing) takes a long time. When I hit normal i get the blue screen of death and it restarts pc no matter how many times i try this option.

    My older pc was an HP pc, so I don't know if that's the problem. Because I have all the same files and HP stuff in my seagate 320gb.

    But I don't know what to do now, maybe try buying ddr 800 standard? I honestly don't know any help pls?
  4. Ok, after the repair it finds an error and asks to fix. I accept it, then when the computer finishes and restarts it gets the blue screen of death yet agian, after that it asks me those 2 options. I'm stuck now. Bad situations any help would be gratfeul.
  5. You're going to need to back up the important data on the drive, format the drive, and do a fresh OS install. You'll need a stand-alone OS disk for this. You can't just take the HD out of one computer and have it work in another one. Sometimes the repair will work, but it's always best to do a fresh install.
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