Ausus P5K-E won't post anymore!!!

Hello All, (sorry for my poor english!)

Been looking over the Net to find a solution to my problem but still no success. Here are my specs before asking.

Asus P5K-E
RAM : Crucial Balistix BL12864AA1005 (2x)
CPU : Core 2 Duo E6750
Video : BFG 8800 GT OC2
PSU : OCZ Stealth Stream 600w

Ok let's start it up. I've built this computer in sept 2007 and was running very well until last week. I was keeping my comp usually open until last week when I was away for about a week and when I came back, I tried to start my comp and it wasn't able to boot (no post, no beep, no screen) which I find it strange. I turned it off by pressing the power button and tried to start it off again. I got something on the screen saying that there was a problem with an overclocking issue or something like that (I did not overclocked my comp) and now, it won't boot, post, beep etc....but still all the fans and light from all the component still runs.

Like I said, I searched for a lot of help on the internet but whithout succes right now. Here is what I've tried.

- Resseting the CMOS (both by pressing the power button for 15 sec and by removing the battery and switching the jumper)
- remove the video card and replaced it.
- try switching the RAM sticks with only 1 or 2 (tried all the possible combinations withing the yellow and/or black sockets)

However, the point I find the most important is that, if I remove the memory completly, I am able to get the 1 continuous beep followed by 2 short beeps (repeated) signal for the no memory detected.

The only problem is that I can'T have access to other RAM or slower ones right now to test it and get to the BIOS. With all this info, do you thing it's only a RAM problem or it may also be a motherboard and/or CPU defection?

Thanks a bunch for your help!!!

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  1. well it looks like no one has an idea regarding my problem....

    let me add something then....if I get the correct beep error code when I try to boot the computer but nothing (out of all the fans and lights) when adding the RAM sticks.....does it means that the problem IS the RAM or it may still be something else?

    I'm willing to try and buy some new memory but what would you recommend? 2 sticks of 2 gig? Which ones would be the best working with my MB and system right now?

    Thanks again!
  2. Probably a 1/2 dead PSU.
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